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it's all about least this week

Relief! The last few scorching days have been tough. Fishing was reserved for early and late, and, even then, it was hot, hazy, and humid. For the next several days, mother nature is sending us a break.

Water temps in the streams, aside from the tailwaters and spring creeks, have jumped to 70+ degrees, which is an absolute cut off for me to fish them. Watch out bass, walleye, carp, drum and pickerel…here I come. But with cool rain today, increased flows, and cool nights into the 50s the next several nights, the streams should cool to make some really nice #flyfishing the next few days.

July and August can be difficult times on streams that are not tailwaters or spring fed. Small windows of cool weather are times to look forward to in the summer for fly anglers with trout as the target. Hatches should be rejuvenated a bit. Cool water, increased flows and food will, undoubtedly, have trout moving around a bit and back on the feed. Whether you wish to throw dry flies, wets, nymphs, or streamers, these little summer cold fronts with rain are an angler’s friend.

What if we get too much rain? Bologna. There is no such thing at this point (unless we get hurricane rains). Off color water and stained water is a great thing. Just because we can’t see in it well and it looks miserable to us doesn’t mean it’s not heavenly for #trout. Dry fly fishing, perhaps, isn’t ideal, but nymphing and streamer fishing sure would be.

Get out and enjoy the cool weather this week. Streams, at least locally, will come around for a few days. I supposed I should have made mention that this pseudo weather and stream report is for #centralnewyork and #upstatenewyork. If you’re in Ohio reading this, or Utah or anywhere other than New York, I would suggest contacting a local fly shop for some details. What I can tell you is the idea of fishing behind the summer cold fronts that bring cool rain and cool nights for several day in a row, is a good plan no matter where you’re reading this from.

Don’t forget to wet wade. It’s no pants wading season.

Happy fishing the next couple of days. Enjoy the comfortable weather while it lasts, as it is sure to heat up again.

Tight lines.

Brian Lansing


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